Medium                      Oil on linen (or sitter's choice!)

Fee guideline            Portrait Head & Shoulders, 40cm x 30cm:          £1,000

                                     Portrait Head & Shoulders, 60cm x 50cm:          £1,500

                                     Full figure, 75cm X 60cm                                        £2,000

This is an indication only.  Each commission will be separately negotiated to take account of any variables, such as for a double portrait.  Half the fee is due at the first sitting.  The balance is due on completion.

Source Material          Live sittings + live sketches + reference photographs

Sittings                         Usually 4 to 6 sittings of 2 hours each.  Dates to be arranged at the sitter's convenience.  The first sitting will be taken up with making decisions on composition, background, clothes and lighting.  This will also be an opportunity to make some preliminary sketches and to take some reference photographs.

Location                        Artist’s studio in SW10 or the sitter's prefered location

Completion                   Approx 2 months after engagement.

Other commissions:  You may want a painting of your house, garden or a favourite landscape.  If so, I would be delighted to discuss details.

Best first step would be to contact me by email: